About Us

Mandate of Civil Society Organization:

Seeks to initiate various programs that address needs and concerns of women with disabilities. This ranges from advocacy and awareness raising, capacity building, economic empowerment and cultural activities

About us

The organization OWDHD is a nonprofit or NGO in the country of operation of Rwanda, the general assembly of the organization of women with disabilities for health promotion and development in Rwanda (OWDHD) in its constituent session held in Kigali on 21st September 2014; The certificate of registration is No 129/RGB/NGO/2016.


To advocate with public authorities so that the rights of Women with Disabilities are respected within the framework of the implementation of medical and development programs which facilitate Women with Disabilities and encourage them to participate actively to have health care early and inclusion in all domains of Socio-economical of the Country, through the meeting, conferences, training and workshops educational of the Country and media

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